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School Rules & Policies

Drop Off And Pick Up Zone/Reminders:

As a reminder, the parking lot is one-way, and individuals driving a vehicle must remain in their car while in the drop-off and pick-up lane and pull forward as space becomes available
Please do not leave your car unattended in the drop off/pick up lane (along the curb in front of the school).
For safety, please always use the crosswalk in front of the office when crossing the parking lot.
TK & Kindergarten Arrival:  Parents/guardians park on the street or in an unmarked space and walk kindergarteners to the kindergarten gate by the office between 7:30 and 7:45 where the teacher will meet the students.  Siblings may also enter school at this gate.
TK & Kindergarten Dismissal:  Parents/guardians wait by the kindergarten gate at dismissal time and the teacher will send out students to their parent/guardian.  
Bus Arrival:  Students who ride the bus and kindergarten siblings can enter and exit school at the kindergarten gate.  
Grades 1-5 Car Arrival:  Parents/guardians enter at the main entrance and drive along the curb to the back of the bus, students quickly exit the car on the school sidewalk side and walk to the big double gate to their class lines on the blacktop. Parents carefully pull around the bus and drive straight to the exit at the next driveway.
Grades 1-5 Car Dismissal:  Parents/guardians enter at the main entrance and drive along the curb to the back of the bus, students wait on the grass area and enter their car on the school sidewalk side.  Please continue to pull all the way forward until you pick up your child, then carefully drive around the bus and exit at the next driveway.
Grades 1-5 Walk Up from the Street Arrival:  Students stay on the sidewalk and walk to the parking lot crosswalk in front of the bus and wait for an adult to cross them.  Students should enter school at the big gate and may exit school through either gate.
Grades 1-5 Walk Up Dismissal:  Parents can wait on the grass by the big gates where students will exit or the grass in front of the kindergarten playground.  Please do not gather on the grass directly in front of the school - that is where our students wait for their car rides. 
Model safe behavior and use the crosswalk on the street and in the parking lot.


Park Only in unmarked spots in the parking lot and on San Juan Creek Road.  Marked Spaces are for STAFF ONLY. Parking in the lot of the school building next door is no longer allowed.


This is a friendly reminder that families should use the service of the crossing guard on San Juan Creek Road and Calle Cartagena before and after school.