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School Activities

Family Flag Assembly - Last Tuesday Morning of the Month

Families are invited to join us on the blacktop the last Tuesday of the month at 7:45 for a Family Flag Assembly.  Students line up with their class and visitors can join us for the Flag Salute and other announcements or awards.

Soaring Eagle Radio

K-5 grade students broadcast over the school's PA system from Mrs. McManigal's office each morning at 7:50am.  Each broadcast begins with a welcome by Mrs. McManigal, the Pledge of Allegiance led by a student, followed by other announcements. 

STEM Lab and Library

Students have the opportunity to explore in our iCAN LAB using Lego Robotics, Spheros, Marty the Robot, 3D printers, iPads, and Steam Builder Bins. Classes usually split their time between the Lab and the Library to allow all students in the class to have the opportunity to explore both STEM and Reading!

Character Counts Awards

Every month our school focuses on one or two character traits from Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success.  Students who are selected by their teacher for displaying strong character are recognized at the flag ceremony on the last Tuesday of the month.

Block Music

CUSD is recognized throughout California for its music program, which fosters creativity, effective communication, self-discipline, and commitment. Funded by the district, all 4th and 5th-grade students have an opportunity to participate in CUSD’s award-winning music program two days each week during the school day.

Primary Music

Recently funded by CUSD, kindergarten through 3rd-grade students enjoy weekly music instruction from a credentialed CUSD music teacher during the school day.

Physical Education

Recently funded by CUSD, kindergarten through 5th-grade students enjoy physical education two times per week from a credentialed CUSD PE teacher during the school day.

After School Fee-Based Classes

Various after school fee-based classes are offered at Ambuehl and other CUSD sites during the school year through the Saddleback College Community Education Program, which partners with CUSD.  Programs are also offered during the summer at various CUSD sites.  Details on the next session of classes

School Site Council

Consisting of elected staff members and parents, School Site Council meetings are held up to six times per school year to review a variety of school-related items. Meetings typically include reviewing the Single School Plan for Student Achievement, new and current programs, student data, and approving categorical funds (SIP, grants, etc.) expenditures that benefit Ambuehl School (if available). Members of the public are invited to these meetings. School Site Council documents are available in the front office, upon request.
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Block Music
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